Big Brother

In secrets you reside,

Cowering before the wide

Blue ocean of your dreams.

Let the game begin

I don’t care

I will seek you in the dark

And be your comfort there.

Hail the pioneer

The secret engineer.

I have known all this long before

I saw it all while I watched the leaves fall

As a child

I sat in a dream and saw it all

I saw it all as if in a dream

I knew the Dreamer

And He knew me

And together

We decided to let it be.

You cannot hide from me

I know who you are

I have seen the sacred tree.

I have touched its boughs and heard them sigh

And their whispering lingers in me yet with the memory of All things.

I have heard it all

I have seen it all

I know the secret I.

I know that faint, frail, fragile thing

You call your self

Whispering and weeping in the dark and longing to be held

But holding itself tall

Lest the darkness see its face.

Take off your skin and let it go

Stand naked before it all

Let the fire burn you and the wind erode you

Drown in the river and fall to the earth

In the end your death will be your birth.

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