Puer Aeternus

I saw a silhouette upon the windowsill.

She took my darkness and began to pull.

My shadow escaped from beneath my bed

The light took flight from my head.

And I cried Wendy, O Wendy

He who casts no shadow, is not innocent

He who knows no darkness has no substance

I love my darkness as I love my light

He who loves the light loves the night.

She hesitated then

And from her lips drew forth a pen

She wrote my name upon the moon

And said: I hope she finds you soon.

Then, with my shadow in tow

She left my darkening den

And made her way across the aeons

Every now and then.

And I cried Father, O Father

Look what she has done to me

Why has she sacrificed me?

Send your sun to rescue me

Let it shine and illuminate me.

And my Father He just smiled

He took me by the hand

And told me all the things

That I now know of Love

And He took me to the river’s edge

And threw me in.

Consumed by the slow insanity of my passions

I called upon my friend rationality

Who took my laughter and hid it in the desert

He took my tears and hid them in the river

That does not flow.

Damn that watery grave he built for me

Out there in the desert sanctuary.

And I cried Lover, O Lover

I am alone.

And I cried Lover, O lover

Am I alone?

She wept for me and danced for me

Beneath the silver tree of misery

And she took my hair like threads of light

And let it flow through her fingers

Into the wind.

I felt my thoughts dissipate

My rationality inchoate

Like warm waves of molten love.

I felt a blissful ignorance

My sword fell from my hands

And I took her there upon the sands

And let the water flow through that land.


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